There are many different types of pooper scoopers out there. We've covered a few of the pros and cons of different means of cleaning up after your dogs in the most common pooper scooper styles on the market.

For more scooper options and their pros/cons, we recommend checking out: https://petlifetoday.com/best-dog-pooper-scoopers/


Rake and Pan Scoopers

Rake and pans are popular options for pooper scoopers at many stores. These are often adjustable or long enough to clean up the mess without bending. However, unlike those with a spade and pan, they are most efficient on grass and not efficient on other surfaces. The rake can also be difficult to clean. If you have a dog and a cat, this may be a scoop to consider as the rake does work well with the pan for cleaning a litterbox.



Claw Scoops

Claw scoops are popular and traditionally what many people think of when it comes to pooper scoopers. They are often lightweight, but the squeeze handle requires hand strength. While they are one handed, you will need a waste bag or bucket with you as you can pick up one mess at a time and will need to dispose of it before cleaning another. They often work well on a variety of outdoor surfaces but are not as efficient indoors. They can also be helpful for litterbox cleaning.



Personally, these are my favorite pet scoops. Many are adjustable which means I can clean up after my dog without bending. They are also easy to clean, work easily on multiple surfaces, and get most of the mess in one attempt. Down sides of this product are they can be expensive, some versions can be heavy, and they require two hands. 



Doody Digger Pooper Scooper

One-handed design: you scoop the waste using the pointed shovel end, raise the scooper up to vertical, and the mess falls right into the attached bag . You can attach any type of plastic bag to the end using the provided strap, and clean multiple messes depending on the size of the bag. 

Requires good motor control and strength of one arm. May take a couple times to get entire mess into the scoop.