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Litterboxes can be tricky to clean, especially when they are placed on the floor. However, there are products out there that can help make the job easier!


Long Handle Scoops

Long handled scoops are great for cleaning a litterbox without bending. There are now adjustable litterbox scoops on the market but you can also make your own at home by taping or gluing a litter scoop to something like an old broom handle, long stick, or long handled shoe horn. When using a long handled scoop, try to have the litter box against the wall to give yourself more leverage. Dog pooper scoopers often make great long handled litter scoops as well.


Automatic Litterboxes

Self-cleaning and automatic litterboxes are becoming more popular and efficient. This can be a great option for you if you are looking to lessen the amount of time and effort involved in cleaning. However, these products can be expensive and often require specific types of litter to use. They will also require you to empty the canisters, meaning some bending may still be involved. Some cats also do not adjust easily to the change to box and type of litter.

We recommend reviewing this website when making an informed automatic litterbox purchase:


Types of litter

The type of litter you use can make a big difference in cleaning the box. If litterbox cleaning is tiring or difficult for you, consider a non-clumping or a natural based litter. Non-clumping litter means that you will be only scooping out the poop waste when you clean. Clumping litter makes urine clump together for removal but also can make it stick to the bottoms and sides of the pan, making it difficult to remove. Natural litters are similar to clay non-clumping litters but they are often much lighter in weight. However, they often need to be changed more frequently and may have less scent control than clay-based litter.

For more information on different types of litter on the market, check out this article written by a vet:

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Cat Litter Scoop

Litter Scoops

There are many different litter scoops on the market and its important to find the right scoop for you. Ones with built up handles can be easier to hold and handle. However, many of these are metal. Metal is easier to clean and holds more waste, but can be heavy. Plastic scoops aren't as sturdy and easy to clean regularly, but they are light weight. I recommend visiting a store and seeing which scoop feels right to you. If you need to build up a handle for easier grip, you can do so at home by adding layers of duct tape, rolling an old washcloth around the handle and taping it, or adding foam to handle.


Full Litterbox cleaning

Litter will need to be removed completely to disinfect the pan on a regular basis. This can be easier to complete if you are able to keep the litterbox on a higher surface (table, counter). However, if you cannot have the litterbox higher, there are options to clean the box easily. One way is to purchase or make a box that has a handle. This will allow you to pick the box up from the floor with little bending. You can make your own by taping a long stick, broom handle, or pole to your litterbox. Removing as much litter as possible which make lifting easier. Litter box liners can also decrease the amount of scrubbing needed to clean the pan. Using a scoop can make adding litter back to the box easier than pouring from the container.